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Kulturskolen Kristiansand Kommune
Musikkens hus, Kongens gate 54
4608 Kristiansand
Telefon: +47 38148730

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Karen J Sturlaugsson
Reykjanesbaer Music School (Tónlistarskóli Reykjanesbæjar)
Hjallavegur 2
260 Reykjanesbaer
tel.: +354 420 1400

Leeuwarden – Europæisk Kulturhovedstad 2018
Kunstkade, Groot Schavernek 9-F,
8911 BW Leeuwarden

Eva Laurillard
+31 642643929

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Valetta – Europæisk Kulturhovedstad 2018
Valletta 2018 Foundation
The Exchange Buildings
Republic Street Valletta VLT 1117

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23, Qrempuc Street, Marsaskala, MSK 2205, Malta
+35 679308412

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A Message to the Future, From the Children and Youth of the North.

85 musicians, aged from 13-18, from Iceland, Denmark and Norway, will co-create an art piece based on 9 life themes, inspired by Nordic mythology, folk songs, history, nature and city spaces. The proces will be a further exploration of the youth developed, co-creation method and materials from:

Background: Since 2012, Aarhus Music School has been working on giving the children and youth of the city a chance to express themselves and how they feel about the things in life that matter to all of us. This work has been funded by 3,5 million Danish Kroner from the regional government, in addition to funds given to Aarhus as a European cultural capital in 2017. Together with 10.000 children, we have developed and explored a story-based and game-inspired method for children and youth co-creation. This method is inspired by writing an opera, the creative platform and the sand play method.
The key-co-creater has been our strong and very creative orchestra: the Aarhus Concert Band, who would like to share their experiences with creating their own music and music videos in co-operation with dancers, and inspired by different special spaces in nature and city. They contacted an Icelandic orchestra, who immediately jumped on board. We have also been joined by Kristiansand Culture School for a performance with 1000 young people at the opening of Aarhus as European Capital of Culture in January 2017. This event was based on, and developed through, our co-creation methods. The students from Kristiansand Culture School would like to play with us again, and take part in further development of the methods and the materials we have created.

Objectives: The long term aim has been to create an international platform for children´s co-creation across the arts. Framed by themes related to management of the challenges of tomorrow and how rethinking mythology, fairytales and music can help us to understand each other and ourselves better in order to pave a path to a better future. We believe that the best way to create materials and inspiration for other children is to use the children and youths themselves. We believe in positive role models and we believe that the aesthetic pieces that speak to the heart with children´s thoughts of the past, present and future can change how adults think and act.

Expected results: 150 young people aged 10-18 will create a unique, one hour long music and art piece in 9 parts. The piece will be performed for children, aged 6-12, who will be able to interact with, and be involved in the performance. This will be combined with another artform in each country. The piece will be documented into 9 small (cross art and cross cultural) “musaik” videos, 4 minutes each that will live on as a document of the co-creation concept on, and hopefully also on a global platform: on It is hoped that this platform will be further developed in autumn 2018 with Valetta, Malta and Leeuwarden, through an EU- funded project, as these cities are taking over as European cultural capitals from Aarhus. The platform will contain inspirational movies made from this project, as well as methods and materials used for the process and productions.
Iceland, Easter 2017: What we hope will happen:
-Creation of the 9 groups.
-Start developing stories and compositions.
-Visit each group location and film the group performing in their performance space.
-Giving each other a task before next meeting in June 2017 (in Aarhus).
-Finish the compositions and add 3-6 dancers to each group.
-Performaning in the 9 different spaces.
-The youth groups document their performances and perform together at Godsbanen (Aarhus).

Evaluation: February 2018: Norway, Kristiansand At this time we hope to complete a comprehensive evaluation of the project. The project has been followed by Aarhus University’s Arts department since 2012, and they will continue to follow the project and assess how it has managed to get youths to lead an aesthetic process to a finished product that can be attained by children and their families. We will continuously reflect with the youth and help them refine the product through fair and considerate views on what works and why.

Iceland. 10th.-16th of April 2017 Workshops in co-creation. The first meeting will be one week in Iceland at Easter, followed by 4 days of touring and a 2 day long workshop in co-creation, in addition to preparing for the performance in Denmark.

Denmark. 6th – 13th of June 2017 The second meeting, lasting one week in Aarhus, at Brobjergskolen and Godsbanen in the beginning of June. Four days of touring and 2 days of workshopping. 10 – 11th. + performance on 11th of June. Co-creation workshop, plus performance, and sending the message to the future.

Norway. Spring 2018 The third meeting, for one week in Norway at the beginning of 2018, with 4 days touring and 2 days of workshopping and presenting the Message in a Bottle to the Future by the cultural capitals, with the hope of sccessful co-operation and co-creation.

Planning: The participants have taken part in the plan for the project. Before meeting: The Islandic orchestra finds spaces for the 9 themes to visit and pick local music for inspiration. The Norwegian orchestra choose 9 characters from Nordic mythology and a melody for each character. The Danish orchestra has been a part of developing the co-creation concept for the last four years. They will prepare for the facilitation of the process, from brainstorming to integration of the materials selected by the Icelandic and Norwegian youths.

Realisation: The first meeting: The 9 cross- age and cross- national groups will be presented to each other and the documentary group. The Icelandic group will be tour leaders, showing us around the places they have chosen for each theme. The Norwegian group will present the 9 characters and their musical themes. The Danish group will facilitate the process whereby all groups co-create a new music piece together. We then perform for each other. Between meetings: The groups will digitally (on a platform each group decide) keep uploading inspiration and ideas to use in the further development of the piece in Denmark. Second meeting: We will look at the collected inspiration and ideas, and combinine them into 4 minutes pieces. Young ballet and modern dancers will give their contribution to the 9 different pieces. A multimedia school class will, together with our documentary partner, Global Media, make 9 new magic pieces out of the documentary, again in 9 parts. The hour long piece will then be performed for children, who will have the ability to interactively engage with the piece. Third meeting: At this meeting we will view the final product. The 9 ‘musaic’ videos and change the themes (the children will choose the themes themselves) and create a new beginning and ending to the existing short art-movies.

Reporting: The participants will make a small movie and the materials will be handed over to the two new cultural capitals, Valetta and Malta, together with the participants statements about why and how they chose to work they way they did.

  • Camp
  • Meetings
  • Networking
  • Cultural events
  • Production of information materials (web pages, etc.)

1.8.1. If you selected any of the above alternatives, please give a brief description with concrete examples:

Camp: The orchestras will host and cook for each other, and play their normal repertoire together.

Cultural events: Participants will perform for local children.

Meetings and Networking: Children will be asked to reflect upon the process, methods, and product. They will also be asked to look at the best ways of giving feedback to each other, how to be open to other ideas, how to let everyone try to be the captain, and how to best follow their instinct during the creative process.

Production of materials: Participants will document each others productions as part of a concept to be shared further.


1.9.1. If yes, give a brief description with concrete examples:
The co-creation concept, Message in a Bottle (, is a method, a platform and an open source for inspiration to children´s co-creation across artforms. The result will be a shared network for culture schools in the Nordic Countries: SMoK, DMKL, DAMUSA, NoK and in Europe: EMU.


1.10.1. If yes, give a brief description with concrete examples:
The message in a Bottle concept is built up around a story of being lost, asking for help, receiving help and re-entering the world with a wish to be a life-sailor who can help others in need when the storm has taken over. We explore possible friends and foes in different aspects of life, from anxiety, goodbyes, hopes, dreams and to new beginnings. The result is a message to the future from the children and youth of today about how they choose to cope with the challenges of tomorrow, both on a personal level and on a world level.

Information about the applicant and co-operation partners.

  • Other organisation

2.1.1. If you chose ”other organisation” or ”other judicial entity/group”, please specify:
Aarhus Music School is part of the local authority in Aarhus. The Aarhus Concert Band is an orchestra, created 5 years ago, which has been participating in many activities and jobs ever since.

2.1.2. If you have selected ”Nordic umbrella organisation” please indicate the countries in which you have member organisations.

One of the largest music schools in the country is situated in Aarhus. Aarhus Music School offers classes in endless varieties: all instruments, singing lessons, music groups for children aged 0-5, music workshops for older children, choirs, orchestras, band academy, and much more. Our 3000 students are taught by 130 of the area’s best qualified educators. We teach on all levels and our students are of all ages, from 0 to 80 years old. Most students receive lessons on a weekly basis and at Aarhus Music School, students get to be part of a musical community in a creative and inspirational environment, where they have the possibility to explore music in all aspects.

  1. The first meeting: Iceland is responsible for arranging the visit in Easter . Denmark is responsible for the 2 workshop days, costumes and additional instruments. Norway is responsible for choosing the characters’ melodies. Each country is responsible for further development at home.
    2. The second meeting: Denmark is responsible for the workshop in Aarhus, choosing the performing places and tours.
    3. The third meeting: Norway is responsible for the stay and tours in Norway. Workshops will be planned together from the experiences in Denmark and Iceland.
    In general, Denmark is responsible for the evaluation and exchanging the youth input into methods and material for children across the Nordic countries. Everyone takes care of their own travel arrangements, and furthermore, everyone is responsible for anchoring the experiences and methods in their own organisation and locally.
  • Denmark
  • Iceland
  • Norway

2.6.1. Does the planned activities/project have participants from the following:

Denmark: 40

Iceland: 33

Norway: 15

Communication, marketing and additional information.

Facebook: Flaskeposter Homepage: Communication will also take place through the organizations homepages and through the facebook of Aarhus 2017 Cultural Capital, Message in a Bottle in funny places.

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